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The United States of America has much to offer its tourists with an interesting history, breathtaking natural scenery and an enormous collection of world-class attractions. Whether it's the best snow skiing, great beaches, major sporting events or colourful cities such as Las Vegas, the USA has something for everyone on holiday.

A great way to experience America and what it has to offer is by driving across country. With famous highways like Route 66 driving can be extremely enjoyable, allowing you opportunities to stop off along the way to experience the small country towns or spectacular natural landscapes such as the Grand Canyon. Car rentals are inexpensive there is a lot of road to cover!

New York City has a breathtaking skyline and is famous around the globe for its chic and colourful neighbourhoods. The densely filled city has some amazing architecture and dramatic high-rise buildings. Rich with culture, New York has a variety of Broadway theatres, historical museums and modern art galleries. With award-winning restaurants, fantastic shopping and spectacular landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, it is easy to see why New York attracts over 40 million tourists every year.

Adventure activities and USA tourist attractions can be found everywhere in the US. USA sports activities include rock climbing, horse back riding and trekking through amazing national parks to water sports and snowboarding on some of the world's best mountains. With some of the most challenging terrain, the US offers the best of all adrenalin sports available.

Travelling to the US could not be easier, as there is a network of international airports stretching across the county. There is an abundance of flights arriving and departing daily to every corner of the globe. Driving in America is a great experience with fantastic roads linking the entire country and passing through some of the most amazing landscapes. Trains and buses are also readily available with routes to just about every city, small and large. Many choose to explore the US by taking a tour of the USA.

Much of America is reasonably safe for tourists if common sense is exercised. Some cities have high crime rates, with theft and violence commonplace. It is advised that you are discreet with any valuables that might draw unwanted attention and be cautious when walking through the streets at night. Also, if taking part in any adventure activities make sure that precautions are in place should something go wrong. For general peace of mind, we strongly recommend that you purchase a solid travel insurance policy for you and your family before you visit the USA.