Austria Holiday Guide

Austria Holiday Guide


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Austria is a very small country that has a lot of big attractions. The country has a distinctive mixture of wonderful outdoor attractions and modern urban centres. The skiing opportunities in Austria are among the best in all of Europe, while the music productions are celebrated throughout the world. In addition, the country has a wealth of fascinating architectural structures that are well worth visiting as well as impressive museums and art collections.

Austria's capital city Vienna is a popular destination for tourists that is overflowing with imperial nostalgia. Built as seat of the Habsburg Empire, Vienna is filled with the ancient palaces, old world neighbourhoods and a wide array of cultural offerings, such as the Kunsthistorisches Museum.

The city also has a thriving theatre scene and an explosive nightlife with absolutely everything on offer from the grandeur of the opera to the fast beats of hip-hop music. Other festivals shown throughout the country include the Haydn Festival in Eisenstadt, the chamber music festival in Lockenhaus and the operetta festival in Mörbisch.

Salzburg is yet another fascinating city and contains phenomenal examples of Baroque architecture and opulent palaces. The Hohensalzburg fortress is one of the most extraordinary medieval castles in the country. Being the birthplace of Mozart, who some might say is the greatest composer the world has ever known, has ensured the city its place in history as one of the leading classical music centres in the world. The annual Salzburg Festival is one of the most popular events on the city's calendar.

Austria Travel Guide

The capital of Tyrol, Innsbruck, is considered one of Europe's most beautiful cities. The city lies at the junction of two important routes across the central Alps and as it's so close to some of the country's highest peaks, it is the premier skiing destination in the region. The city is renowned for its energetic nightlife and its gorgeous vineyards and pumpkin fields. The largely medieval city offers a plethora of stunning attractions including the Baroque Eggenberg Palace, the charming and busy town centre and the exquisite art collections of the Landesmuseum.

Undeniably, the country offers spectacular winter sports activities. The Salzburger Land, Tyrol and Vorarlberg boast the highest concentration of modern ski resorts and adrenaline-charged slopes. Sports enthusiasts will also find wondrous hiking and trekking opportunities in the Alpine regions after the ski slopes have melted.

It is a good idea that tourists obtain travel insurance prior to visiting Austria, especially visitors who participate in climbing excursions or winter sports. As mishaps can happen, you can rest assured knowing that you are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy.