Frequently Asked Travel Insurance Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have listed below the majority of questions we frequently get asked. If you have a question that does not apper here, please contact our sales team who will be happy to help on 01392 287 418

Email Questions

  • How do I view the e-mailed version of my policy?
  • How will I receive my policy documents?
  • I can't find the email you have sent me with my travel insurance documents.
  • How can I prevent your emails going into my junk mail folder or If you didn’t receive your policy documents email from CheapTravelInsurance.Com…?

General Questions

  • What are the pre existing conditions an insurance company needs to know?
  • Can children travel unaccompanied by an adult?
  • Can I cover my 20 year old daughter on an annual multi trip policy?
  • Will I have to take my policy abroad with me?
  • Is it easy to view my policy documents via email?
  • How will I receive my policy documents?
  • What about if my car breaks down whilst I'm on holiday?
  • Can I include my childs back packing trip on our family's multi trip policy?
  • Are my UK holidays covered on our insurance policy?
  • Is my personal information available to others?
  • Will you remind me to renew my policy?
  • Can I cancel?
  • Explain is Insurance Premium tax?

Medical Questions

  • Do I need to declare any treatment I'm currently receiving from my GP?
  • How will my medical bills be settled if I'm injured abroad?
  • If my GP says I shouldn't travel abroad will this invalidate my policy?

How to select the right cover FAQs

  • What about business travel? Are those trips covered?
  • Can I reduce the premium by taking less medical insurance cover?
  • What is the E111/EHIC form?
  • Is hazardous sports cover included on my policy?
  • Can we travel individualy if we have one family policy?
  • If one of my children covered on our family policy turns 18 during the year will I need to inform you?
  • My travel agent is asking if I have travel insurance, should I buy it from them?
  • Will my camping holiday be covered, we haven't decided on the final details yet?
  • I want an annual multi trip policy, what is the maximum length of time per trip, that I will be covered for?

Cancellation Questions

  • Will I be able to claim for my lost holiday if I have to attend jury service?
  • What if I am made redundant?

Travel Delay Questions

  • What happens if I miss my flight and it's not my fault?
  • What happens if the flight is delayed?

Baggage and Valuables Questions

  • What should I do if my belongings are stolen from my hotel?

Claims Questions

  • Is the emergency medical advice line open all the time?
  • What should we do if one of us loses our passport?
  • What should I do if my money is lost or stollen when I'm away?