Why Buy Travel Insurance?

Travelling abroad without suitable travel insurance can turn into an expensive trip if you find that you have to pay the medical bills should you require emergency medical treatment.

Here is some guidance below explaining why you should take out travel insurance when going abroad on holiday or for business travel.

Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Yes - and not just to cover unexpected medical expenses while away. Here are some reasons why -

  • You need to cancel your trip due to illness
  • You require emergency medical attention in a country that does not offer A Free health service.
  • You need to be airlifted to a hospital for specialist treatment.
  • You're involved in an accident and adequate medical treatment is not available in the country you are visiting.
  • You need medical evacuation or repatriation back to the UK.
  • Your bags or belongings are lost, stolen or damaged.

You may think if travelling to Europe that the GHIC (formerly EHIC card), is sufficient but cover varies from country to country and medical cover is excluded in certain countries if you take part in certain activities such as skiing. Also some EU countries (e.g. Spain and Cyprus) do not have many state-provided health centres, so in these countries private clinics are more common and your GHIC would not entitle you to access treatment there. 

Some examples of Medical Costs Abroad if you are not covered by adequete travel insurance

  • £30,000 -£35,000 Air ambulance (Jet) – Repatriation from USA to UK
  • £12,000 -£16,000 Air ambulance (Jet) – Repatriation from Canary Islands to UK
  • £20,000 - Minor operations like an appendectomy [Appendicitis] (if there are no complications) for an uninsured person in USA.
  • £15-20,000 Scheduled flight, stretcher & Doctor escort – Repatriation from Australia to UK
  • £9,000 -£12,000 Scheduled flight, seated club, with a nurse escort – Repatriation from USA to UK
  • £6,000 - Fractured lower leg in USA
  • £800 - Minor operations like an appendectomy [Appendicitis] (if there are no complications) for an uninsured person in India.

Travel insurance not only covers the medical costs but also provides 24 hour assistance if you have, for example lost your passport or money. The medical emergency call centre also have medical personnel to talk you through any condition while waiting for an ambulance or helicopter to transfer you to a hospital, another expense covered when taking out travel insurance.