Making a Claim on your Travel Insurance Policy

Obtaining Emergency Medical Assistance Whilst You Are Away

24-hour emergency medical assistance is avialable from all the travel insurance policies we offer. You will find full details of how to contact them in your travel insurance policy wording.

We suggest you also add these details to your phone before going away. We also recommend that you take your Travel Insurance policy wording with you when you travel. But don't worry if you have forgotten to do this as you can still access these online anytime via your online account.

We also suggest that you take with you your GHIC card (formerly known as an EHIC card) if travelling to Europe.

Making a Travel Insurance Claim When You Return Home

If you need to make a claim on a Travel Insurance policy bought from us you will find details on how to do this inside your policy wording.It will also be useful if you read the "Making a claim" within the policy wording.

All of our partners include full details of what you should do in the event of claim as well as their full contact details in their policy wording.

If something happens whilst you are away and you need to make a claim on your policy, read the terms and conditions to see if there’s anything you need to do in order for your claim to be accepted and what you may be required to provide.

  • If you need medical treatment, you may need to call the emergency support line before receiving medical treatment so that they can authorise cover, if in Europe you will also be asked to provide your GHIC card where applicable. Please note that cover is not provided in private medical facilities if a medically suitable state facility is available unless specifically agreed and authorised by the Medical Emergency Assistance Company. If costs are expected to exceed £500 we also suggest you make a call to the assistance company.
  • If your bag is lost or stolen you will generally need to obtain a police report to support your claim or a report from your airline if the item was lost in transit.
  • If your flight is delayed, get a letter from your airline confirming the length of delay and the reason for the delay
  • Keep all receipts for any medical treatment that you may pay for upfront including any taxi fares etc if travelling to a hospital or clinic.
  • Do remember to keep copies of your completed claim form and all supporting documentation since the originals must be submitted when making a claim


Flight Delay and Cancellation - Claiming from your Carrier

If your flight has been delayed more than 3 hours or is cancelled you are likely to be entitled to compensation from your carrier.

We have found that MoneySavingsExperthave a really comprehensive page about what you may be entitled to and how to make a claim.

Lost or Damaged or Delayed Baggage whilst in transit with your airline

If your baggage is lost or delayed whilst in transit, which can often happen when you have transferred en-route between planes, or between airlines, you must contact your carrier to make a claim. You must report the fact that your luggage has been lost, delayed or damaged at the airport and keep a copy of the Property Irregularity Report which staff of the airline will complete. You may then also be required to contact the airline in writing to make a claim for lost or stolen baggage or damaged items. The CAAhave a useful page explaining what you need to do.

You may instead be able to claim from your travel insurance policy but please note their may be an excess to pay.