Travel Insurance Policy Wording

This policy document provides You with the terms, conditions and exclusions of the insurance cover, together with information that will help You in the event of an emergency. The policy contains different levels of cover, some of which do not apply unless You have paid the appropriate additional premium. Conditions and exclusions will apply to individual Sections of Your policy while general exclusions, conditions and notes will apply to the whole of Your policy.

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Your Travel Insurance Policy

We will provide the services and benefits described in this policy:

  • during the Period of Insurance
  • within the Geographical Limits
  • subject to the Limits of Cover, and all other terms, conditions and exclusions contained in this policy
  • following payment of the appropriate premium for the level of cover selected
  • a person who has their main home in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man and has not spent more than six months abroad during the year before the policy was issued.

These policies are effected in England - Unless agreed otherwise, English law will apply and all communications and documentation in relation to this policy will be in English. In the event of a dispute concerning this policy the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.