Ski Trip Travel Insurance

Snowboarding Insurance

  • Up to £10 Medical Emergency Cover
  • Snowboarding On AND Off Piste
  • Cover for Loss or Damage to Snowboard
  • Up to £5,000 for Cancellation & Curtailment
  • Available to Travellers up to 100
  • Cover for Piste Closure due to lack of snow
  • A trip to the ski slopes is one of the most exciting holidays to enjoy and with our dedicated Winter Sports Insurance package, you will find our cover is just what you need if things go wrong. We'll take care of any medical emergencies and will be on hand if your trip is spoilt through piste closure and in the unlikely event of an avalanche.

Great Savings On Our Holiday Insurance Single Trip cover from just £5.38 Annual Cover from just £31.04 - choose 31-60 days per trip Cruise Cover included FREE on all our policies Kids Go FREE on all our single trip family policies Long Stay Cover 31 days - 18 months cover from £11.18 Winter Sports Cover from just £11.36

Many winter sports enthusiasts include snowboarding as part of their activities whilst enjoying a skiing trip. Our winter sports travel insurance includes cover for snowboarders both on and off piste in authorised areas. Ski and snowboard equipment is covered by up to £400; if it is lost, damaged or stolen.

Your Snowboard Insurance policy will also provide cover for up to £400 for piste closures due to lack of snow and up to £200 for piste/resort closures due to an avalanche.

When are you covered for Winter Sports?

You are covered when taking part in Winter Sports on a single trip policy if you have paid the appropriate additional premium for the period of insurance and are no older than 100.

If you are aged 79 or under and have purchased an Annual Multi-trip policy and paid the additional premium for wintersports cover, then you are covered when taking part in Winter Sports for one Trip of up to 24 days during the Period of Insurance.

Winter Sports Travel Insurance - Which policy is right for me?

Our Winter Sports policies covers each travller named on the policy for medical emergencies and repatriation if necessary.

  • The Winter Sports 'Max' Policy cover will provide up to £10 million worth of emergency medical treatment, £2,500 for loss or damamge to your Luggage and up to £5,000 if your holiday is cancelled or curtailed.
  • Our 'Standard' Policy provides up to £5m for medical emergencies - £1,500 for your baggage and £3,000 for cancellation and curtailment.
  • For the more budget conscious traveller our 'Economy' Policy has up to £1m for Emergency Medical treatment - £500 for Cancellation & Curtailment .
  • If you have paid the additional premium your policy will cover you on a non-competitive and non-professional basis when:

    • Snowboarding & Skiing off-piste - on recognised and authorised areas only)
    • Cover extends to Tobogganing, Snow Tubing, Snow Blading & Monoskiing, Snow Carting, Snow Kiting, Snow Zorbing and many more.

* If your cover does not meet your requirements, please notify us within 14 days of receiving your policy schedule and if requested return all your documents for a refund of your premium. If during this 14 day period you have travelled, made a claim or intend to make a claim then we can recover all costs that you have used for those services. Please note that your cancellation rights are no longer valid after this initial 14 day period.