Off Piste Guidelines

Off Piste Guidelines

Ski or Snowboard under control and make sure you have enough control to be able to stop or avoid objects at all times.

If you are overtaking some one on the slopes, it is your responsibility to avoid hitting them. You must take into account the chance that they may speed up pr change direction - make sure you have a clear view to assess the situation.

If you plan on stopping, sitting down or resting in the middle of the piste, make sure you are out of the general traffic and that other people can clearly see you.

When you are starting your run, give way to other skiers and snowboarders. Check your back and blindspot before entering your descend.

Always try to prevent your gear from sliding down the slope and colliding with other people.

Stick to the Rules and Piste Etiquettes set out by the caretakers of the Snow Resort. Follow all Snow Resort Signs and do not enter closed trails.

Make sure you have a clear picture of the weather, Snowboarding Snow Conditions and the routes in the snow resort.

Do not make Snowboard Jumps if you cannot see the landing site. Never ride hard into an unknown area.

If you are in any way involved in an accident, stay on the accident seen and offer any assistance. Report the accident to the patrol of the resort.

Never go Snowboarding Off Piste alone and stay in close contact with the people you are holidaying with.