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Lithuania Holiday Guide

Featuring stunning natural beauty and fine architecture, Lithuania has been occupied by many countries in its history, although none for quite as long as the Soviet Union. Lithuania was granted independence in 1991, giving its residents freedom of expression to live in their traditional style. Meanwhile, many persons emerged from hiding to produce world-class artworks which can be viewed throughout the country.

There is no shortage of tourists attractions in Lithuania, with most located in the capital city, Vilnius. Popular tourist attractions include those steeped in Lithuanian history and culture in churches, cathedrals, museums, government offices, national parks, traditional villages, seaside resorts and large cities. Many tourists opt for a tour of Lithuania in order to get the most out of this stunning holiday destination.

Vilnius sits on the banks of the Neris river east of the Baltic Sea, and is a lovely city filled with fine architecture. Its main attractions are Cathedral square, Gediminas Castle and the old town, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Lithuania also offers outdoor lovers a wealth of beautiful scenery, including five national parks, as well as lakes, forests, rivers and valleys. Many choose to explore the countryside while on a daytrip from Vilnius. The five national parks are Aukstaitija, Dzukija, Kursiu Nerija, Trakai and Zemaitija.

In terms of outdoor activities, sports lovers will find no shortage of opportunities to experience extreme activities such as bungee jumping off of Vilnius' TV Tower or hot-air ballooning. If you're afraid of heights and prefer hiking, head to the Curonian Spit National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site which sits on a stretch of land separating the Baltic Sea from the Curonian lagoon.

Beach lovers will want to visit Palanga or Kursiu Nerija, two popular seaside Lithuanian resorts that are famous for their fine, white sandy beaches. There is also the fine Amber Museum-Gallery in Palanga. Meanwhile, the town of Nida is where you can partake in sailing, windsurfing and paragliding.

Getting to Lithuania is simple as there is an international airport just a few miles from the city centre. There are also excellent road and train networks connecting the country with other European destinations.

Few tourists have any problems in Lithuania, but having travel insurance is still considered essential. Medical treatment here can be pricey in the event of an emergency. By getting travel insurance, you can relax and enjoy your holiday know you are covered.