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The mysterious and intriguing country of Romania has a rich culture and history. Tourists can enjoy the famous Transylvanian hills, the 16th century architecture, the great skiing, mountain hikes and wonderful beaches along the Black Sea coast.

The capital of Romania is Bucharest, which in the 1930s was known as the 'Paris of the East' due to its spectacular architecture and beautiful churches. But after earthquakes, WWII bombings and former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu the city lost much of its former beauty.

About 100 miles north of Bucharest is the fascinating medieval town of Brasov, where the famous Transylvanian hills are situated. Here you can visit the gothic styled 'Black Church' that was given its name following a fire in 1689 that left the building with a burnt black colour. The mysterious Bran Castle, also known as 'Dracula Castle,' is located only 18 miles south of Brasov and is a popular tourist attraction.

In the winter months the nearby picturesque Prahova valley offers tourists and locals a wide range of winter sports activities with plenty of snow to enjoy. The Omu, with its highest peak of over 8,000 feet, makes for a beautiful display of nature.

In the summer the Black Sea coast offers warm weather and miles of fine sand beaches. Many resort towns including Romania's largest port and second largest city Constanta, as well as Mamaia, Neptun and Olimp, are teeming with people and activities.

Romania is best accessed by plane, with most flights from Western Europe taking about two hours. There are also many daily direct flights from North America. Taking the train is possible from anywhere in Europe and can be fun if you plan to stop through many cities along the way. There are some river cruise boats that travel from the Danube River, Danube Delta and Black Sea.

Romania it not particularly dangerous, however the usual precautions should be taken to keep luggage and any valuables safe from pick-pockets. We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance policy before departing for your holiday.