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Slovakia is a wonderful place to visit. It is full of history, culture, beautiful buildings and breathtaking scenery. It has seen a resurgence of tourism in recent years and many tourists love its compact nature where sightseeing is concerned. Outside of the city areas, Slovakia has winter sports resorts such as Tatras popular for downhill skiing. The Tatra mountains are the only Alps in eastern Europe, and the countless valleys between peaks are home to many glacier lakes. There are over 400 miles of hiking trails in the region, with the largest being the Tatranská Magistrála trail, which stretches over various terrains for 40 miles.

The capital city of Bratislava has some of the most beautiful buildings, many built in the classical style, evidenced by the castle looking over the Danube and the cobbled streets of the historical old town centre. The city showcases much of its history and culture in its museums and galleries, with much to see and admire in the Slovak National Gallery, the Slovak National Museum and the Museum of Wine Production, charting a justly proud history of wine production going back centuries. When Napoleon rolled into town in 1805 to sign a peace treaty with Austrian Emperor Franz I, the deed was done in the Primates' Palace, which still stands today and is open to the public.

Outside the capital there are still plenty of sites to see, like the 13th century ruins of the country's biggest castle at Spiš. The countryside itself is attraction enough to set out through Slovakia.

Slovakia ia a wonderful location to visit if you are looking for something a little different and the best way to experience Slovakia's tourist attractions is to hire a car and travel around, hire cars can be picked up at the airport.