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The striking country of Belarus is situated between Moscow and the Polish border. The country is characterised by wide stretches of uninterrupted birch groves and infinite forested marshlands. The country is home to quaint wooden villages that are set amidst black fields and verdant landscapes, which all add to its dramatic and unforgettable beauty.

Belarus, also called 'White Russia', is divided into six provinces, with the Minsk Voblast (province) serving as its administrative centre. Minsk is the country's most significant industrial and cultural centre and offers many notable tourist attractions.

The Museum of Book Printing and the 11th century Savoir of Epherosinia of Polotsk are among the 'must-see' attractions. The Sophia Cathedral is one of the most prominent features in the city and is used as a concert hall.

Minsk is a university city and offers a very youthful atmosphere and energy. The city has a vibrant nightlife with trendy café bars and eateries dotting the narrow lanes. Minsk boasts having a vibrant theatre scene and is home to a major music conservatory, opera and ballet companies, as well as numerous theatres and music venues.

Belarus Tourist Attractions

The city of Hrodna is situated on the Neman River and contains the ruins of the 12th century Borisoglebsk Church and a castle built in 1586, which now serves as a historical and archaeological museum.

Babrujsk is one of the oldest cities in Belarus with archaeological evidence suggesting that the city has been inhabited since the Stone Age. Babrujsk is encircled by ancient fortifications and watchtowers and is filled with interesting homes and fascinating ruins. Nowadays, the city has emerged as a major tourist attraction and has thus developed an impressive tourism infrastructure and provides visitors with a great selection of accommodation, restaurants and cafés.

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