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Ukraine is positioned in the southeast region of Central Europe, it is a country with magnificent architecture, rolling landscapes and hospitable people. The country has a long and colourful history which dates back to 4500 BC with the Neolithic Cucuteni culture. Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe and with over 1,700 miles of coastline there is some stunning scenery to be enjoyed. It is becoming a popular tourist destination with tourists who appreciate its vast beauty and interesting mix of culture.

Ukraine has many great tourist attractions, from historic sites to areas of outstanding natural beauty and lovely seaside towns. One of the best places to visit on holiday is Odesa, which is the third biggest city in the country and often referred to as the 'Pearl of the Black Sea'. The weather in Odesa is mild and the sea warm, attracting many tourists year round. The town is full of 18th and 19th century buildings that feature a distinct French design mixed with a Russian influence.

Opera and theatre in Ukraine is of a high standard with over 100 theatres. Of these, three are regarded as National Theatres. The Ukraine has a broad scope of entertainment to enjoy on holiday including dramatic, ballet, musical comedy, operetta, pantomime and marionettes.

Food is an important part of life for Ukrainians and there are many restaurants serving up local cuisine. Breads and dips, seasoned rolls with vegetables, thick soups with sour cream, potato dumplings with buttery sauces and many cheeses and cold cut meats are available.

Travelling to the Ukraine is reasonably easy with flights arriving to Kyiv Boryspil International Airport in Kiev. The main routes come in from most major European cities including London, Rome, Munich, Milan, Warsaw, Vienna and Budapest. Alternatively, trains arrive from all neighbouring countries and are relatively comfortable and inexpensive. Driving into the country by car is possible but make sure to have all the necessary paperwork ready otherwise long delays can be expected.

As with any foreign country, common sense should be exercised when travelling in Ukraine to avoid any unfortunate incidents. It is advised that you take care of your valuables and don' flaunt expensive electronics and jewellery. For these reasons, we strongly advise that you purchase travel insurance for you and your family before you leave for Ukraine.