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The heart-shaped country of Bosnia-Herzegovina is located in the centre of southeastern Europe. This small country is only 30,000 square miles in size, with Bosnia covering the country's northern and central regions, while Herzegovina covers the south. The country is remarkably stunning and is filled with a vast range of landscapes, cultures and customs. Facing the Adriatic Sea, the country is neighboured by Croatia in the north and west and Serbia-Montenegro in the south east.

The capital city, Sarajevo, is located in one of the country's most mountainous regions and has astonishing scenery such as never-ending hills and soaring mountains. The dramatic mountain ranges have, in a way, secluded the city over the ages. However, in spite of its isolation, Sarajevo has always welcomed visitors from around the globe.

Sarajevo is a cosmopolitan metropolis that also has a unique atmosphere. Just walking through Sarajevo is like stepping back in time. Here, visitors can enjoy the abundance of historic buildings such as the oriental Ottoman quarter, which is full of life with quaint shops and cafés lining its streets. The city also enjoys a number of festivals in addition to fantastic skiing opportunities. The city gained international recognition by hosting the 1984 Olympic Winter Games.

Shopping enthusiasts will no doubt be pleased with the wide range of venues that can be found throughout the city. In Sarajevo's old town district, an area known as Brass Alley is lined with petite shops teeming with brass, silver and copper goods. There are literally hundreds of shopping kiosks in dozens of towns in Bosnia-Herzegovina where shoppers can find almost anything they could want -and some excellent bargains.

Bosnia Herzegovina Tourist Attractions

The charming towns of Gorazde and Foca are both the cultural and tourist centres of the area. The attractions in Foca are extensive and include a national park and the majestic Tara River, one of Europe's chief nature destinations. Gorazde is the area's largest city as well as its geographic centre. The city's enormous, unexploited potential makes it a perfect place for adventure travellers and mountaineers.

Bosnia-Herzegovina is a sportsman's heaven, with a wide assortment of water sports, winter sports and adventure activities on offer. Hiking and trekking through the highlands and kayaking down the tumultuous rivers makes for an exciting and fun-filled excursion. In addition, there are wonderful fishing, paragliding and mountain bike opportunities available.

The country is a perfect holiday destination for the entire family as there are numerous child-friendly activities available. Special highlights include the sandy beaches on the Adriatic Sea, wildlife and an annual festival celebrating the young generation.

Although the country is a safe travel destination, we strongly encourage you to take out travel insurance prior to your visit to Bosnia-Herzegovina. As accidents and mishaps can happen, a comprehensive insurance plan will allow you to enjoy your vacation knowing that you will be protected in the event that an emergency does arise.