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When speaking of France, you cannot help but to think of romance, glamour, style and, of course, the Eiffel Tower. France is synonymous with sophistication and offers a never-ending list of exciting things to see, do and discover. Whether it's a visit in Nice, attending the world-renowned film festival in Cannes or a day trekking in the French Alps, France is just waiting to be explored.

France is home to over 58 million people and is the largest country in Western Europe. The northern part of the country is overflowing with rolling plains, while the southern regions boast the jagged ridges of the Pyrenees. The vast array of architectural treasures can be found virtually everywhere and include attractions like the breathtaking Loire Valley castles and the sparkling Côte d'Azur.

France also conjures up images of world-famous cuisine and delicate wines. French culture and culinary treats are far too many to mention, but a few of the dishes that must not be missed include truffles, mouth-watering patisseries, snails and foie gras (duck liver pate).

Paris is one of the most visited destinations for tourists in the entire world and also one of the most photographed. The 'City of Lights' is situated on the Seine River and is celebrated for its stunning architecture, such as the Gothic masterpiece of Notre Dame, and its most recognizable treasure, the Eiffel Tower. Fashion lovers will argue that the most important area in Paris is the Champs-Élysées, the most well known and iconic shopping avenue on the planet.

Other noteworthy Parisian attractions include the Louvre, the Jewish quarter and an endless stream of phenomenal galleries and treasured museums. Paris also has a vibrant nightlife with ultra hip clubs and discos lining its streets. Moulin Rouge is the city's most famous mischievous spot, while the stylish Champs-Élysées has a concentration of less naughty night spots.

The gorgeous city of Nice is the hub of the Côte d'Azure. The city is filled with spectacular examples of medieval and Baroque architecture, world-class galleries and museums, ancient monasteries and awe-inspiring cathedrals. Nice also has a plethora of quaint café and fine restaurants on offer as well as a vibrant theatre scene and an exciting nightlife.

The city of Monaco is a popular location for the travelling elite as the city is famous for attracting wealthy jetsetters and top celebrities. The legendary Casino Royale was the background for the two James Bond films of the same name.

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