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Sweden, one of Scandinavia's most interesting and attractive countries, has much to offer tourists. From awe-inspiring beauty to delicious cuisine, it is a country that will reward all visitors with a well-organized infrastructure, perfectly preserved nature and breathtaking landscapes, many tourists opt for a city guide to help then appreciate everything Sweden has to offer.

Vadstena is one of Sweden's most attractive towns. Situated along Lake Vättern, the town is graced by the magnificent renaissance castle Vadstena Slott. The building itself, including the castle abbey, is a wonderful display of both gothic and renaissance architecture, while inside tourists can view the art and sculptures from that inspired period.

Located on the scenic west coast, Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden. Famous as the 'Natural Gateway to the West', the city is graced with a stunning harbour that supports the city as the logistics centre of Europe. Gothenburg has much to offer visitors to the city, including lovely parks, canals, good museums and Northern Europe's largest amusement park.

Sweden's relatively small capital, Stockholm, is spread across 14 islands that are steeped in history. Dating back to the 13th century, Gamla Stan, otherwise known as the 'old town', provides visitors with the opportunity to experience a medieval town in a modern world. Here visitors can visit the 17th century Kungliga Slottet, the largest royal castle in the world that boasts 600 immaculately preserved rooms. Also of interest is the 17th century Vasamuseet, the oldest ship in the world.

Other medieval attractions can be found at the historic port of Visby, situated on the island of Gotland. Within the town's medieval walls visitors can view the many stunning towers and church ruins. Of particular interest are the ruins of St Nicolai, St Lars and Drotten. The town also has a fine museum which displays picture stones from the pre-Viking period.

For lovers of the outdoors, Djurgården is blessed with beautiful parklands and many first-rate museums, particularly Skansen museum, made unique by its open-air location.

Situated in the south of Sweden, Malmö also referred to as 'the gateway to Denmark' - is a tiny town brimming with historical significance and charm. Here attractions include the grand square, located in the centre of the town, and the many picturesque canals and charming bridges that surround Malmö.

Tourist attractions in Sweden are varied and can best be seen with the use of a hire car.