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Macedonia was once part of the former Yugoslavia and this small republic offers tourists some interesting culture, cities and lovely national parks.

Skopje is the capital of Macedonia, on the banks of the Vardar river, right in the middle of the Balkans. It has been plagued by various disasters, including the 1963 earthquake which destroyed much of Skopje. Most of the city has since been rebuilt, so visitors will find there are many interesting tourist sights that include mosques, minarets and some lovely Turkish architecture.

Popular tourist attractions in Skopje include the ancient Oriental bazaar and the 15th century Turkish baths. You'll find Skopje's top museum, the Municipal Art Gallery, near the Turkish bridge. The Museum of Macedonia is also worth a visit, and is filled with regional artefacts.

Another interesting city is Bitola, which is about two hours outside of the capital and home to many Macedonian relics, including a Christian palace and the Roman ruins of Heraclea.

There are also many fascinating towns within easy reach of Bitola, including UNESCO World Heritage site Ohrid. This charming town is filled with quaint houses, caf├ęs and restaurants, and surrounds the world's second-deepest lake after Baikal lake in Russia. Many tourists choose to take a tour of Macedonia and take in all the sights.

Outdoor lovers will also find plenty to do in Macedonia. There are four national parks which cover an area of 130,000 hectares. The oldest of the lot is Pelister National Park, protected since 1948 and home to the five-needle Pelister pine - the only such tree species in the world.

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