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The country of Poland is a magical place of discovery, located right on the edge of Eastern and Western Europe. A place of romance where vast plains and bustling historical cities provide a lively mix of attractions, there is something to suit everyone in this long-standing nation.

Warsaw is Poland's textured capitol and teems with historical significance. Since its wide-spread destruction during WWII the capitol has recovered to revert to its former glory. Split in the middle by the Vistula River, each side offers picturesque and monument rich opportunities for exploration.

To the west, the Old Town is a centre of activity with many of the main Poland tourist attractions located in this area. The Royal Way is a prominent stretch lined with striking palaces, stunning churches and number of excellent museums and galleries.

Krakow, another of the country's best known destinations, has its own cultural offerings. A distinct 13th century theme transports visitors back in time. Coupled with the best of modern amenities, Krakow has something to offer a wide range of tastes. This magical city is home to the Royal Castle, a site straight out of a children's fairytale book, while ancient cafés housed in the quaint cellars of long-standing buildings provide the perfect place to sit back and relax.

The city escaped much of the destruction that other European cities faced during WWII and is today a UNESCO World Heritage site. Only a two-hour drive from the city, the Auschwitz Holocaust Museum offers haunting insight into the unimaginable treatment that millions of Jews faced during the devastating war.

The country's only alpine mountain range, known as the Tatras, is the highest in the Carpathians featuring a striking landscape where soaring mountain peaks drop suddenly to ice-covered glacial lakes. This beautiful region is worth exploring for its diverse scenic offerings and picturesque villages, where the way of life has changed little in many centuries.

Zakopane is the top tourist destination around the Tatras and is a great starting point for further adventure. You will find ski resorts and mountain trekking two invigorating outdoors pursuits to partake in here.

Most travellers coming from outside the country will arrive at Krakow's John Paul II International Airport or the Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport, with transportation routes in the form of buses and trains running to most of the country's top destinations.