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Cyprus is an extremely popular travel destination for touristss with a wide selection of activities, attractions and notable points of interest. A trip to Cyprus offers visitors an opportunity to absorb the rich history, relax in the sun and enjoy the many water sports that are on offer. Cyprus tourist attractions also inlcude secluded charming mountain villages, stunning castles, interesting monasteries and churches and fascinating museums.

The ancient capital city of Nicosia is overflowing with historical and cultural attractions, its a great excursion. The old city district in Nicosia is the perfect place for a leisurely stroll through the gorgeous neighbourhoods. Visitors can walk around the maze of the streets and stop by the lovely shops and boutiques that are dotted throughout the area. The infamous Tomb of the Kings in Paphos is one of the most admired sites and sees thousands of visitors each year.

History buffs will definitely want to visit the city of Amathus. The ancient city was the most prominent of the royal cities, one of the many Cyprus cultural attractions, but is now in ruins and partly covered by the sea. Archaeological evidence suggests that the city dates back from 1100 BC. The historic temple of the Aphrodite and the Necropolis are among the ancient treasures that can be viewed.

The tranquil and picturesque Cedar Valley is an absolute must for lovers of nature. There are literally thousands of Cyprus cedar trees throughout the area. Cedar Valley is blessed with unspoilt natural beauty and is a favourite spot for hiking and trekking.

In Choirokitia, tourists can explore the remains of Stone Age settlements that date back to the 6th century BC. The site, found in between Larnaca and Limassol, is one of the earliest human settlements ever discovered with over 60 Stone Age houses. The area was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site by UNESCO.

A visit to the beautiful metropolis of Larnaka is will give tourists a chance to see the Hala Sultan Tekkesi, an ancient mosque. The mosque lies on the edge of Larnaca Salt Lake, encircled by beautiful gardens and is a winter home of migratory flamingos. Paphos also offers many wonderful sights including the renowned Tombs of the Kings and the Castle of Paphos. The harbour area sees visitors year-round and is filled with restaurants, cafés and bars.

The best beaches are located near Lanarca and Limmasol. The sandy shores offer breathtaking views, tranquil waters and a plethora of water sports. Along the beach areas visitors can find a wonderful selection of hotels and resorts. A popular ski area is the wooded Troodos mountains. This snow-covered summit is the ideal winter sports destination and offers spectacular scenery, views and trails.

It is recommended that tourists to Cyprus obtain a travel insurance policy prior to their trip, especially those participating in water sports or climbing excursions. Although Cyprus is an extremely safe destination, accidents can happen and travel insurance allows travellers peace of mind knowing that they are covered in case of a mishap or medical emergency.