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Belgium is truly an interesting country boasting impressive architecture, lively nightlife, scrumptious cuisine, opulent castles and stunning cathedrals. Often dubbed 'Europe's most eccentric country', Belgium is definitely a quirky little place. If you're looking for something different or slightly offbeat, you'll have no trouble finding it here.

Belgium is at the centre of European art history, having been under European rule for centuries. It is full of tourist attractions. The museums and galleries are filled with Flemish primitives and historic Gothic masterpieces. Wallonia, the French-speaking portion of Belgium, is situated on the banks of the Meuse and boasts a wide array of fascinating museums, such as the Museum of Wallonian Life and the Museum of Modern Art, which displays masterworks by Monet and Picasso.

The town of Bruges may not offer a vast selection of museums as does Wallonia, but it does however offer some of the most fascinating architectural gems in the country. This remarkably preserved medieval town has wonderful examples of 13th century Gothic architecture lining its cobblestone streets. Also, the multitude of picturesque waterways has earned it the title of 'Venice of the North'.

The capital of Belgium is Brussels, the architectural smorgasbord of the country. Here, visitors can tour and appreciate the gothic Grand Place and the awe-inspiring St Michael's Cathedral as well as the interesting homes that fill the lovely neighbourhoods. There are so many notable attractions on offer, such as the Mont des Arts Park, the elegant 17th century Place Royale and the Museum of Ancient Art.

Tourists visit Antwerp for its fascinating architecture. Although it is home to stunning medieval castles and gorgeous mansions, they also arrive for the fashion and the diamonds. For five centuries, Antwerp has been one of the most important diamond centres in the world. Antwerp is also a celebrated fashion centre and offers a huge selection of trendy boutiques and upmarket shopping venues. The city also has a vibrant nightlife with fashionable bars and nightclubs located throughout Antwerp.

The sandy Belgian coastline has spectacular beaches including Knokke and Ostend, the two most renowned and heavily visited beaches in the country. Located just a stone's throw from Antwerp, these pristine beaches have excellent facilities for sailing, horseback riding, yachting and golf.

From scrumptious Belgian cuisine to absolutely decadent chocolates, Belgians have an appreciation for the finer things in life. Visitors can enjoy fun-filled and slightly wild festivals like the famous Carnival or explore the untapped beauty of the mountainous Ardennes region, famed for its lakes, streams and grottoes. There is something for everyone in this dynamic country.

It is recommended that tourists obtain a comprehensive travel insurance policy prior to their visit. Although Belgium is an extremely safe country, knowing that you are protected in case of an accident or a medical emergency will allow you the freedom to enjoy your holiday.