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Stunning Hungary is widely considered a leading destination for tourists to its thermal waters and spas, and a number of regions within the country have been named as UNESCO World Heritage sites. The country boasts having the second largest thermal lake in existence, Lake Hévíz, as well as vast natural grasslands.

Hungary is overflowing with culture and historic architectural gems and magnificent religious structures, such as Esztergom Basilica in the city of the same name, one of the largest churches in Europe. Another of the country's colossal structures is the palace in Gödöllö, one of the largest Baroque castles ever made.

The country is also renowned for its major contributions in the world of music and was once home to many well-known composers including Gödöllö, Liszt and Bartók Classical and Hungarian folk music concerts are held at many venues throughout the country.

The majority of tourists sightseeing to Hungary head to the vibrant capital city of Budapest, which has been dubbed as the 'Paris of the East'. Budapest is overflowing with opulent structures that give a glimpse of the country's former grandeur. Some of the most important and visited structures in the city are the neo-Gothic Parliament buildings which line the tree-lined streets.

Other highlights for tourists in Budapest include scenic river cruises on the Danube and a real treat is a visit to one of the Turkish-era bathhouses for a rejuvenating thermal bath. In addition, a visit to Budapest would not be complete without visiting its historic Castle Hill, which features the magnificent Royal Palace, a number of enthralling museums and interesting galleries. Two 'must-see' attractions - St Matthias Church and the Fisherman's Bastion - should not be missed.

The country offers visitors a wonderful selection of accommodation that ranges from five-star luxury hotels and resorts to more modestly priced accommodation for families and business travellers. Hungary is best accessed via its primary airport, Budapest Ferihegy International Airport, or via train from other major European cities.