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Ireland is arguably one of the most scenically beautiful destinations in the world. The country is well known by its millions of tourist for its relaxed culture and unspoilt natural beauty. Many visitors choose to take one of the many tours of Ireland to make the most of its tourist attractions

Ireland's coastline offers extraordinarily varied vistas. The beach areas are home to a wide array of world-class beach resorts and hotels. The country also has dramatic mountain ranges and gorgeous verdant rolling hills and valleys making it a top tourist destination.

Ireland is a country of castles. Dublin Castle is one of the most visited structures in Ireland and offers mesmerising view from the famed Saint Michael's Tower. There are also a few 15th century castles that are situated at nearby Dalkey that are well worth a visit. Another fascinating structure in Dalkey is Archbold's Castle, which has been converted into a town hall.

Ireland isn't just about green hills and castles, however. The Irish are also known for their love of tradition and Guinness. One of the most delightful of the Irish traditions is the kissing of the famous stone at Blarney Castle. Just about every city in Ireland offers a quality selection of neighbourhood pubs and drinking establishments. In Dublin, visitors will also find a wide selection of discothèques and trendy clubs, it is a popular choice for Dublin weekend breaks and for its shopping.

Although the country has a number of well visited and fascinating cities, Dublin is definitely on the top of most visitors' travel lists when visiting Ireland. This thriving capital city has a deserved reputation of being an extremely tourist-friendly destination.

The city offers everything from an exciting night life and theatre scene to wonderful nearby hiking excursions through stunning landscapes. Dublin is also overflowing with surrounding heather moors, thundering waterfalls and a wealth of opulent religious structures.

Limerick is another popular tourist spot, largely due to its plentiful natural splendour. Limerick received world notoriety when author Frank McCourt published his memoirs, resulting in the Pulitzer Prize winning novel Angela's Ashes. This once lacklustre town has transformed itself into a sophisticated metropolis and is home to a wonderful selection of fascinating museums and galleries.

Ireland is also a great holiday destination for families on holiday. Dublin has a number of family friendly activities on offer including exploring ancient castles, taking an exciting Viking boat ride around town, visiting the National Aquatic Centre or fishing in Lough Muckno, the county's largest lake.