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While Malaysia is one of the Southeast Asia's wealthiest countries, it has managed to retain its laidback charm and friendly environment that attracts tourists from around the world. These factors, combined with great tourist attractions, a lively mix of cultural traditions that include Chinese, Indian and strong indigenous characteristics make Malaysia a unique country offering endless opportunities for exploration.

It is the country's northern peninsula that attracts the largest number of tourists thanks to a wealth of attractions. Here you will find the capitol Kuala Lumpur, a dynamic city which has seen considerable development in recent years.

The area is also home to stunning beaches and idyllic islands, where relaxation and pampering oneself are the name of the game. Penang is another popular holiday destination, a unique island with its own special mix of culture. Many tourists decide to see all of the great sights by taking a tour of Malyasia.

The colonial past of Kuala Lumpur combined with an influx of modern amenities makes it a must-see city full of history and culture. Local traditions have been preserved through the city's modernisation, affording insight into the rich culture of the Malay people. Some of the city's top sites include the Petronas Towers, the expansive old Chinatown and the 'green belt,' which is home to picturesque parks and gardens and the parliament buildings.

Melaka is one of the most diverse regions of the country, as it was developed in its early years as a busy port for international trade. Today the city is a multicultural affair with noticeable yet integrated influences from outside countries such as Portugal, China and Britain.

The name Penang will ring a bell with many, even those who have never visited, thanks to its tantalising, creamy curry. The place itself is a stunning island off the north-western coast of Malaysia, with miles of pristine beaches and a long, fascinating history that includes a period of British colonization that left in its wake some striking architectural structures.

For stunning seascapes and spanning views from soaring heights, the Cameron Highlands are the place to head. The area is the perfect retreat destination to escape the bustling cities and unbearable summer temperatures.

Tioman Island, situated to the east of Peninsula Malaysia, boasts endless natural beauty, from beaches and sparkling ocean waters to impenetrable jungles and the striking peaks of Nenek Semukut and Batu Sirau.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport, or KLIA, is located approximately 30 miles from the city and is a busy hub for traffic arriving from around the world. Both rail and bus companies run extensive lines throughout Malaysia.

Visitors travelling to the country are advised to ensure their travel insurance is booked before leaving home. This will help avoid any major medical costs and cover for the loss of any personal items that may be of value.