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Malta, made up of four uninhabited and three habited islands, is located between Italy and North Africa and is a popular destination for tourists from around the world. Sun-kissed beaches, crystal clear waters, a fascinatingly rich history and a lively heritage make it an interesting destination for both exploration and relaxation. Many tourists choose to take a tour of Malta in order to see the great trourist attractions and interesting sights it offers.

Valetta is the country's most significant settlement. This relatively small city is an ancient place, dating back to the 16th century. Striking medieval architecture can be found throughout the city, with the Auberge de Castille and the Palace of the Grand Masters among the most notable.

A 500-year old fort known as Elmo offers an interesting insight into how things were in the past on Malta, while the picturesque Barrakka Gardens afford stunning views from its upper terrace. The Baroque features of St John's cathedral draw visitors back to a time of great wealth, while the cathedral's museum is a great way for tourists get to know the history of Malta.

Not far from Valetta is the spectacularly situated ancient city of Mdina. Dating back over 3,000 years, the city's narrow cobble stone streets are lined with outstanding examples of Norman and Baroque architecture, which serve as an impressive avenue to the charming piazza area.

Malta has some great touirist attractions such as the world's oldest known buildings, structures dating back to the Copper Age which provide insight into its rich past. Megaliths, bigger than some modern day towers, animistic carvings and altars erected for the performance of sacrificial ceremonies all stand as a reminder of Malta's long standing attractiveness to people throughout the ages. A visit to Hagar Qim is the perfect way to understand the historical significance of this tiny speck on the world map.

Cottonera, meanwhile, is a quaint place surrounded by three ancient settlements. It features a stunning port and has a rich legacy in maritime activity. Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicuam are oozing with various monuments and buildings, while the Hypogeum is a 4,000-year-old formation of rocks which have formed into an elaborate underground world of caves and tunnels.

For a step back in time the tiny island of Gozo is the perfect place to kick back on pristine beaches while taking time to bathe in the perfectly calm and temperate waters. Although most will visit the island to take it easy, there are a number of historic buildings dotted around the island well worth a visit.

The country's strong Catholic traditions mean that the party scene here is considerably more subdued when compared with other Mediterranean destinations. However, families find the island a perfect oasis to have fun and relaxation.

Valletta's international airport accepts air traffic from around Europe and is located nearly four miles from the city centre. Bicycling and walking are two great options for exploring the island, while taxis are available.

Although Malta is a safe destination, travel insurance is a must. Having travel insurance will help to cover any unforeseen expenses that may occur due to mishap or accident.