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The last remnant of the Holy Roman Empire, Liechtenstein is a tiny nation of less than 70 square miles sitting between Switzerland and Austria high in the Alps. Its mountainous terrain makes it a popular tourist destination in both the winter and summer months, drawing in tourists looking for a good ski resort and trekking conditions.

What's remarkable about Liechtenstein is that it is not only landlocked, but it is bordered by landlocked countries as well. Ruled by His Highness Hans-Adam, the Principality of Liechtenstein was established in 1719 as part of the Holy Roman Empire, and in 1806 it became a sovereign state. It is an interesting tourist destination,many people choose to take a tour of Liechtenstein to see all of its tourist attractions.

Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein, although it isn't the largest city as nearby Schaan is slightly bigger. There are a number of interesting sites in Vaduz, including the palace of the Prince, various museums and the Prince's Wine Collection, which can be found just on the edge of Vaduz in a vineyard to the north.

Although Schaan doesn't have any notable tourist attractions to speak of, it's a large economic centre with over 4,000 enterprises. It does have a fine selection of pubs and restaurants catering to the local population, however.

Many tourists to Liechtenstein come to enjoy the great outdoors. A walk along the Furstensteig provides great views of Switzerland, Germany and most of Liechtenstein, while Malbun is a fabulous little ski resort overlooking the Rhine valley below. Liechtenstein's highest point is the Grauspitz, which stretches to a lofty 2,599 metres.

Indeed, Liechtenstein offers great opportunities for hiking, biking, skiing and snowboarding, to name a few. Many choose Liechtenstein over Switzerland or Austria for outdoor sports because rates in Malbun are significantly lower than those at resorts in neighbouring countries.

Liechtenstein does not have an airport and tourists often arrive from Zurich International Airport, which is about 70 miles away, is the only major airport near Liechtenstein. Austria's federal railway provides a limited service from Buchs SG Station in Switzerland to Schaan.

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