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Bulgaria is a Balkan country that is overflowing with natural beauty. From the magnificent mountains and the gorgeous coastline on the Black Sea, the country has an impressive number of attractions and notable points of interest to offer visitors.

With a plethora of accessible mountains, Bulgaria has become a top ski destination during the winter months. During the summer, the enchanting ski slopes turn into wonderful hiking trails and the pristine sandy beaches offer numerous water sports and opportunities for fun-filled family outings.

Bulgaria has a rich history and culture as can be seen in the historic architectural gems that can be found throughout the country, as well as an extensive selection of museums and galleries. The country's historic wonders include ancient monasteries, churches and captivating ruins from the Greek and Roman eras.

Varna is Bulgaria's largest and most visited city on the Black Sea Coast, featuring a few sandy beaches and an impressive selection of beach resorts. Varna is home to a number of appealing attractions including the very bizarre and creepy Museum of Medical History. The Varna Summer Festival (Vaarnesko Lyato) is the city's annual music festival that draws thousands of visitors and attracts top local and international performers.

Plovdiv is the second-largest city in the country and is renowned for its ancient culture and important artefacts. One of the biggest attractions in the city is the Antique Amphitheatre. This extraordinary theatre dates back from the 2nd century and is still used for performances today. Plovdiv has developed an excellent tourism infrastructure and features charming shops and boutiques, fine restaurants and eateries and quaint pubs lining its friendly streets.

History buffs and amateur explorers will find the ancient city of Sofia - Bulgaria's capital and largest city - irresistible. Scenically situated along the foothold of the Vitosha mountains, this ancient city dates back to 8th century BC, and remarkably traces of that era can still be seen. The plethora of attractions includes Sveta Nedelya Cathedral, St Sofia Church and the 14th century church of St Petka Samardjiiska. Sofia also boasts a vibrant nightlife with trendy clubs and live music venues dotted throughout the city.

Although Bulgaria is an extremely safe destination, if you plan to drive while on holiday or participate in water sports or skiing activities, we strongly advise you take out travel insurance before you begin your holiday. In an event of an accident or injury, having a comprehensive insurance plan will allow you to rest easy and enjoy your trip knowing that you are covered.