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Australia is a land of excitement, overflowing with vibrancy and adventure, friendly people and an extensive list of notable things to see and do. In addition, Australia has a thriving Aboriginal culture, as represented in the magnificent artwork, plays and music that abound, not to mention the traditional Corroboree dance and storytelling sessions.

Australia has a wide array of cultural experiences and tourist attractions, such as the Sydney Opera House, Adelaide's Festival of Arts and Fringe Festival and Melbourne's International Film Festival and Underground Film Festival.

Australians love the great outdoors and have perfected the art of recreation. The country is a veritable feast for sports lovers and adrenaline junkies as there is literally everything on offer here in terms of sports. Visitors can choose from death-defying skydiving and cliff jumping adventures to mountain climbing and even surfing. The opportunities are truly endless.

The massive country is filled with unspoilt and untamed wilderness with stunning landscapes and remarkable views. Tourists to Tasmania will find a spectacular wilderness and numerous attractions, which include historic Port Arthur and the awe-inspiring beauty of Wineglass Bay. However, Australia is much more than the outback; many of its cities are completely cosmopolitan while remaining pedestrian-friendly.

Sydney, New South Wales, is known as one of the most immaculate cities in the entire world, and is recognised for its charming harbour and wonderful neighbourhoods. In addition, the acclaimed Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House are attractions well worth seeing.

In the state of Queensland, Brisbane is a modern metropolis that is situated along the winding Brisbane River and has emerged as one of the top travel destinations in the country. Queensland's Gold Coast is home to some of the most luxurious resort towns in the region, such as Surfer's Paradise, while the Capricorn Coast features the Great Barrier Reef and the striking Whitsunday Islands. Taking a tour of Australia is a great way to visit the many tourist attractions on offer.

Aussies are known for their explosive nightlife and hence the country is home to some of the best and the worst pubs in the world. Australia has the lot. From beer pubs and drinking holes to dance clubs, everything can be found in Australia.

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