Perth Australia Tourist Information

Perth Travel Guide

This isolated state capital is located in the southwest region of Australia. The Mediterranean climate and relaxed atmosphere offers the best beachcomber experience. The beaches are serene and unspoilt. Restaurants and shops are conveniently located and plentiful.

Perth goes back 40,000 years with the first Aboriginal Nyoongar tribe. In 1829, the British developed the Swan River Colony. Afterwards, with surge of prisoners and a city was created. The economic surge soon followed the 1890 gold rush.

Perth Tourist Destinations

Today, Perth is one of the best tourist destinations in Australia. King's Park, located in the city's centre, has a vast display of native flora. It has the most picturesque views and an appealing bike trail that takes you deep into nature.

A unique bell tower, Swan Bells, was donated to Perth as a gift from the St. Martin-in-the-Field Church in London. The tower has some amazing scenic views of the city and the beaches.

The Scarborough beach is quite popular because it's the closest to the city. It still remains unpolluted and is not crowded, even during the peak months in the spring. Restaurants and fast-food chains can service any appetite and there are nearby markets to pick up some souvenirs.

Hillary's Boat Harbour offers some spectacular beaches - quiet and laid-back. There are many attractions for the family. The Great Escape water park and the Aquarium of Western Australian are great places for the children. The area also has many eateries and shops.

Transport Around Perth

Perth Airport offers daily flights to and from most major destinations throughout Australia. It is recommended for international travellers to fly in from Sydney or Melbourne and then take a domestic flight to Canberra. Taxis and shuttle buses are readily available. All major car rental agencies are accessible at the airport.

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