Slovenia Holiday Guide

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Holiday Guide Slovenia

Slovenia has a great deal to offer tourists, from the beaches to the beautiful layout of its capital, Ljublijana, to the snow-capped Julian Alps, Slovenia offers many activities to keep tourists amused, entertained and physically fit. From snorkeling in the sea to swooshing down the ski slopes, it's no surprise Slovenia is a hit with more and more tourists every year.

Since its split with Yugoslavia in 1991, Slovenia has been steadily carving out its own niche in the Balkans, establishing itself as the next big thing as far as cool European cities go. Tourists will enjoy Ljublijana, its capital, with its characteristic towers, spires and romantic architecture with that slight Slavic twist.

The old town in the capital is great to explore on foot as its small size makes it quaint, with an almost village-like feel. It was when the Hapsburgs ruled Europe that most of the lavish structures were built in Ljublijana, which also still shows evidence of its ancient Roman roots.

Outside the city, Slovenia continues to show it has an ace up its sleeve compared to more popular destinations on the continent. The mountain range rising out of the valleys and hillsides is just as beautiful as parts of Switzerland, and Slovenia remains the premier skiing destination in the Balkans.

Beneath the Alps lies Lake Bled, a postcard-perfect town which gives easy access to mountain villages that can be reached by hiking or on a bicycle. A hilltop castle looking out over the valley completes the scene that many of us grew up dreaming about after reading fairytales.

With all this to offer, and with typical European getaways becoming more and more expensive, it's no wonder the world is starting to wake up and take notice of Slovenia, one of the best kept secrets in Europe.