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The second-smallest European Union member state after Malta, and the only grand duchy in the world, Luxembourg is a landlocked nation sitting between Belgium, France and Germany. Its capital of the same name is small but interesting, Luxembourg is a very popular tourist destination and many tourists opt to take part in a tour of Luxenbourg to ensure they see all of its many tourist attractions.

Luxembourg was founded in 963 AD, and became an independent Netherlands state and a grand duchy in 1815. The country's small size can be attributed to the loss of more than half of its territory to Belgium in 1839. Today it is made up of an area of just 998 square miles.

The national language is Luxembourgish, although French is the administrative language and German is used widely. Of the three languages, French is by far the most useful to know as most stores and road signs are written in French.

Luxembourg city is the most popular destination in the country, and is the heart of the nation in all respects. Tourists will find it a cosmopolitan banking centre filled with fabulous historical attractions, Luxembourg city overlooks the P├ętrusse and Alzette valleys and is a great starting point for jaunts to some of the country's other main attractions, such as Vianden Castle, Wiltz festival town or the abbey town of Echternach.

Getting around Luxembourg is easy thanks to a well-developed road network. For a look at more traditional Luxembourg living, pay a visit to Mertert or Vianden. The best thing about Luxembourg's size is that most attractions can easily be visited in a day from the capital city or neighbouring Trier.

Luxembourg's surrounding countryside is well worth a visit, featuring gently rolling hills and broad valleys, while in the north the terrain gets more mountainous. One enjoyable pastime in Luxembourg is biking, thanks to the country's biker-friendly streets.

The winters in Luxembourg are generally quite mild, although January and February can often get very cold. On the flip side, the summer months can be very hot, especially in July and August. The spring is a lovely time to visit as you'll see wildflowers in bloom and experience some of the many celebrations and folk festivals that take place nationwide.

There are a number of ways to get to Luxembourg, the most popular being by air. Luxembourg city's international airport is serviced by several European carriers, and is just a couple of miles outside the city centre. Train is another popular option, and the country receives direct trains from Paris, Metz, Trier and Brussels. Buses are also widely available.

Few travellers have any mishaps while visiting Luxembourg and the quality of medical care here is high. However, having comprehensive travel insurance is necessary if you want to avoid hefty medical bills in the event of an emergency. Travel insurance will allow you to relax knowing you are covered.