Luxembourg City Tourist Information

Luxembourg City Travel Guide

Often referred to as the 'safest city in the world,' Luxembourg city is a cosmopolitan banking centre filled with historical attractions. The heart of the country in every respect, Luxembourg city is not only the country's capital, but also one of three European community capitals, alongside Strasbourg and Brussels.

Luxembourg city was founded in 963 AD by Count Sigefroid of Ardennes, who built a castle on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Pérusse and Alzette valleys. Encased by an impressive fortress with three ring walls, 24 forts and a network of tunnels stretching more than 10 miles, the castle became the centre of this new town. Today, more than 33 per cent of Luxembourg city's population is made up of foreigners.

Luxembourg Tourist Attractions

Luxembourg city is very small compared to most European capitals, but this is what gives it much of its charm. The old town in particular is incredibly scenic and filled with quaint churches and medieval architecture. Casemates Bock is perhaps the city's most notable attraction, a network of underground fortifications built in the 18th century that tunnel under the city and are recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Many tourists opt to take a tour of Luxembourg to include sights such as the 'Grund,' a huge valley where the Alzette river flows, which used to be surrounded by the nearby old fortress. A great way to take in the views is to take a stroll Venceslas walk, which leads to the fortresses.

Other noteworthy sites in the city include: Neumünster Cathedral, which has a cultural centre; Grand Ducal Palace, which was fully restored in the 1990s; and Notre Dame Cathedral, built between 1613 and 1618 by the Jesuits. To view the cosmopolitan side of Luxembourg city, head to the Kirchberg area which houses banks and governmental institutions, including some interesting buildings designed by celebrated architects, as well as the Museum of Modern Art.

Due to Luxembourg city's high expatriate population, there is no shortage of international cuisine and different styles of drinking venues. In the summer months, head to the Place d'Armes to enjoy a meal. The site of various concerts, the square is filled with cafés.

Because Luxembourg is such a small country, tourists can base themselves in the capital and take daytrips to see various outlying sights such as Vianden Castle, the abbey town of Echternach or Wiltz festival town. Getting around the country is easy thanks to a well-developed road network. Luxembourg city has an international airport, while trains arrive regularly from various other European cities.

Before you travel to Luxembourg city, we strongly recommend you take out travel insurance. Although it is frequently voted 'the safest city in the world,' should you get sick or need medical treatment while here, hospital bills can be expensive. Get insured, rest easy and enjoy your trip safe in the knowledge you will be covered in the event of an accident or emergency.