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Norway, widely known for its rugged beauty and diverse countryside, offers visitors fjords, glaciers and soaring mountains to explore. Outdoor pursuits including hiking and year round skiing are atop the list of exciting adventure sports to take part in, while spectacularly scenic journeys across the country offer endless breathtaking sights.

Summertime in Norway is a 24-hour experience, as the sun never sets. The country's capitol Oslo is an ancient settlement dating back to the mid 1000's. It's not surprising with such a long history then, that are so many fascinating ancient sites to lure tourists including a striking medieval fortress and castle that date back to the 1300s.

Norway's landscape is beautifully diverse with lush farmland, sprawling forests, pristine beaches and dramatic fjords. Tromso is one place where many of these features can be seen, from elevated coastal peaks and stark peninsulas to wide areas of picturesque Boreal Forests. Tromso has regular cultural events, streets performances and many pubs offering the perfect setting for some respite after a day sightseeing.

Bergen, an historically rich maritime city full of tourist attractions and culture, is one of the main starting points for tourists exploring the spectacular western fjords. The country's longest and deepest fjord is easily accessed from the city and is a must-see site while in the area. The striking Jostedalsbreen Glacier and the cascading waterfalls of Geirangerfjord can also be found just a short drive from the city centre.

To the south of Oslo sits the city of Risor, known for its collection of historic white-washed houses that circle a charming fishing harbour. It is a popular tourist destination with many artists returning year after year to its invigorating coastal location. A number of islands can be reached by water taxi, with Stangholmen among the most popular for its old lighthouse, which houses a curious restaurant.

A settlement dating back to medieval times, Trondheim is a busy university city, once Norway's capitol. Timbered architecture gives it a unique image, while Nidaros Cathedral is known far and wide and receives pilgrims from across Europe to worship the shrine of Olaf.

Lofoten Islands are home to an amazing array of flora and fauna and are one of the best destinations for fishing excursions. The 'northern lights,' a magical natural lightshow, can be best viewed from the world's most northern town. For an energetic activity the Jotunheimen National Park is an outstanding natural area, home to over 60 glaciers as well as mapped walking and hiking trails.

Oslo is home to the country's main international airport, Oslo Lufthavn Gardemoen, which receives traffic from across Europe and a number of transatlantic destinations. Travelling around the country is possible by a number of options, including bus, train, and car hire.

Although crime rates are low in Norway, travel insurance is a must to secure yourself and your family against any unforeseen events such as medical emergencies.