Oslo Travel Guide

Oslo Tourist Information

Oslo is a vibrant city that skillfullycombines the new with the old. Oslo has a wealth of history which tourists have been exploring for years through its interesting architecture, ancient culture, museums, and monuments dotted across the city.

Among Oslo's most renowned tourist attractions is the Akershus Fortress, which dates back to the 13th century. From the dark, damp dungeons underground to exquisite banquet halls and intricately designed state rooms, the compound has many astounding features.

The quaint chapel houses the crypts of King Hakon VII and Olav V and is the perfect place for some quiet contemplatoin before leaving for the shopping areas and tourist hotspots. The fortress was once used by the Nazis as a prison during WWII. Today, however, it houses an impressive museum, known as the Resistance Museum, offering insight into life under German rule. The grounds outside are kept to perfection and provide a picturesque setting for a lazy picnic with spectacular views of Oslo.

Tourist Attractions Around Oslo

Art is everywhere in Oslo, with a number of high profile artists either born or living in the city throughout the years. The Munch Museum is a testament to some of the country's most respected artists, with over 5,000 drawings and paintings from one artist alone. The National Gallery is home to the world-renowned painting, The Scream, while the National Theatre is worth a visit for an evening performance and features a spectacular rococo hall.

The Vingeland Museum and Park is home to sculptors from the infamous artist Gustav Vigeland; his works sit among the green expanses of the park.

Outside the city the Bygdoy peninsula features an impressive open-air folk museum, offering insight into Norwegian traditions of the past. The Maritime Museum is an educational experience with displays featuring excavated Viking ships and Kon-tiki, a raft used by the legendry Thor Heyerdahl. There are also some picturesque beaches here, while Nordmarka to the north of Oslo is filled with fascinating wilderness and a beautiful landscape.

Oslo has a lively nightlife. With café, restaurants and bars open from the early evening and often throughout the night there are plenty of opportunities for socialising. Many nightclubs host DJs from across the country and around the world, while bars and entertainment venues feature live music in a wide range of styles. Eating is a great pleasure anywhere in the city, with local restaurants providing top quality cuisine.

Transport Around Oslo

Oslo international airport, Oslo Lufthavn Gardemoen, is a busy hub for air traffic coming from around Europe. Bicycling around town is one of the best ways to get out and see the sights while also enjoying some exercise in the generally clean air. Taxis and buses can be found across the city, with many bus routes extending to some interesting suburbs.

Remember to secure comprehensive travel insurance before arriving in Oslo to ensure that financial loss or a medical emergency does not cut your holiday short.