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With its awe-inspiring stretch of Adriatic coast, Croatia has been given the deserved reputation as one of the most beautiful regions in all of Europe. Tourists are flocking to Croatia's spectacular coastal and island resorts that feature stunning sandy beaches and trimmed with crystal azure waters. While the most popular attraction is the Adriatic coast, inland Croatia also holds pleasing attractions, such as the capital, Zagreb, and the country's crown jewel, Dubrovnik.

Zagreb is known as a 'city of museums' as there seems to be a museum around every corner. In the Samobor area, almost the entire town is a museum. This charismatic medieval town is home to remarkable examples of Baroque architecture and offers a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere for sightseeing. Other areas in Zagreb can easily be explored on foot. A visit to the Lotrscak Tower offers spectacular views, while the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary has some medieval and Renaissance remnants that are well worth visiting.

A visit to Dubrovnik will prove to be the highlight of any trip to Croatia. The dazzling city has been designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Dubrovnik is also home to Banje Beach, which was declared as the third most beautiful beach in the world, its also great for shopping. This absolutely stunning beach offers the most panoramic views on the Mediterranean and is the place to see and to be seen. Featuring a gorgeous pebble beach that actually has its own reception area, high-end restaurants and lovely caf├ęs, this celebrated beach is a top destination for the rich and famous.

Another popular area in Dubrovnik is the Stari Grad (old town). This area is filled with charming cobbled streets and is home to a large number of palaces, churches and museums. Located just offshore from Dubrovnik is Lokrum Island. Lokrum is a popular daytrip destination that offers a national park, stunning scenery and the ruins of a medieval Benedictine monastery. Korcula Island, located farther north, is another area that should not be missed. The town has a definite medieval feel and is lined with architectural gems and fascinating structures.

One of Croatia's biggest tourist attractions is Plitvice Lakes. The celebrated park is situated in the central part of Croatia, located less than 125 miles from the Adriatic coast. The park is blessed with dozens of spectacular waterfalls, which easily compare to the magnificence of Niagara Falls. The park is also filled with several interesting caves as well as some archaeological remains that are fascinating to explore. Lovers of nature will be delighted to explore this park as it contains the habitats of many species of birds, brown bears, wolves and wild cats.

Croatia has become a safe travel destination and sees travellers from all across the globe. It is advised however, to obtain a comprehensive insurance plan when travelling abroad, especially for visitors who engage in water sports or climbing activities.