Galway Tourist Information

Galway Travel Guide

One of Ireland's gems, tucked away in the romantic countryside, Galway is a town lost in time, it is very popular with tourists looking for authentic Irish culture. A settlement long before the Roman invasion, it rose up under their occupation and came to the fore during the Middle Ages. Nowadays, Galway is a beautifully preserved reminder of the country's glorious past.

Life moves slowly in Galway and for tourists the best way to get in tune with the city's laidback atmosphere is by ambling down its old, narrow streets and experiencing its entrancing architecture or taking a Galway tour. Kirwan lane stands as a testament to the city's medieval heritage, now housing a theatre and a variety of shops, many of which sell traditional Irish crafts.

Galway Tourist Attractions

Two of Galway's tourist attractions are Lynch's Castle, ancestral home of the Lynch family dating back to the late 15th century, and the Church of Saint Nicholas, which was constructed by the family in 1320. The Spanish Arch, set along the River Corrib, was built in 1584 and encompasses the Galway City Museum. The Arch makes for a marvellous stop on the way to the nearly half-century old Bridge Mills and the region's tranquil countryside.

Shopping is a pleasure in the city's quaint stores, and antique shopping is a favourite pastime for many visitors. Pubs and restaurants are plentiful, featuring mainly traditional fare with some international cuisine available. A night out with the welcoming locals is one of the most memorable experiences on can have in Galway.

Transportation Around Galway

Galway's public transport consists primarily of buses, but the best way to get around is on foot when taking in the sights. Surrounding villages are accessed by hire car or bus, while other major cities in Ireland are connected by train. Galway does have a small international airport, but most visitors to the city arrive via Shannon Airport or Dublin International. Car ferries run from the Isle of Man, Wales and the English mainland.

Travel insurance is recommended for those visiting Galway. While it is considered a safe place to visit, medical bills can be expensive when dealing with an accident or serious illness. Enjoy your trip knowing that you and your loved ones are covered in the event of a medical emergency.