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Antwerp Travel Guide

Antwerp is the second largest city of Belgium and has the second largest harbour in Europe. This impressive city is overflowing with a plethora of architectural highlights and noteworthy attractions. Many of these gems date back from the 16th century, when Antwerp was in its golden era. This opulent era has been captured and immortalised on the canvases of the 17th century master painter Peter Paul Rubens. Other points of interest include ancient forts and the colossal Castle Cortewalle.

Antwerp Grote Markt (Town Square) is situated in the heart of and is encircled by the houses of the Guilds. In the centre of the square stands the acclaimed Brabo fountain. Legend has it that the statue was made to honour the brave Roman soldier - Silvius Brabo - who defended Antwerp by defeating a terrible giant who terrorised the sailors crossing the Scheldt river. Most of the houses in the Grote Markt were designed in 19th century Flemish Renaissance style and are remarkably intact today.

Antwerp Tourist Attractions

This stunning metropolis has more to be proud of than historic artefacts and hoary-old legends. The Antwerp of today has emerged as a trend setting fashion capital. Just strolling down the renowned Meir shopping street, one can easily imagine being on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The funky shops and the elegant boutiques are filled with fabulous designer goods. Many of the top Flemish fashion designers have boutiques in this area.

Antwerp has become so chic largely due to its fabulous diamond district. Recognized as one of the world's leading diamond centres, Antwerp attracts visitors from all over the globe. The diamond district is located near the Railway Station. You will also find a number of restaurants in this area.

Sports In Antwerp

There are a number of recreational sports on offer in Antwerp. Ice skating is one of the favourite winter pastime and locals can be found skating around the Grote Markt each year in December. There are also wonderful cycling trails, walking and hiking trails and magnificent climbing opportunities. There is a good number of indoor climbing walls for the adventure sports enthusiasts.

We highly recommend that prior to your visit to Antwerp, you obtain a traveller's insurance. Although the city is an extremely safe holiday destination, accidents can happen. In case of an accident or medical emergency, a traveller's insurance will prove invaluable.