Skopje Tourist Information

Skopje Travel Guide

Set strategically on the Vardar river almost half-way between the Balkan capitals of Albania and Bulgaria (Tirana and Sofia respectively), Skopje is the capital of Macedonia, part of the former Yugoslavia.

The city has a long and troubled past, and today it remains plagued by racial violence, making it a destination for the adventurous. Those who do travel to Skopje will be rewarded with a wealth of attractions.

Skopje's many different ethnicities have given the city a wide variety of cultural offerings and architectural styles. At first glance, Skopje looks quite modern as much of it was rebuilt after the 1963 earthquake which destroyed most of the city. A visit to old Skopje, which survived the disaster, reveals that it is a city with a long and rich past. At the end of the 14th century, Macedonia fell under the rule of the Ottoman Turks, giving Skopje its Turkish architecture which remains today.

Skopje Tourist Attractions

The old town is comprised of hundreds of shops, restaurants and cafés and is dominated by the Skopje fortress. While you're in the old town, visit the church of the Holy Saviour with its fabulous woodcarvings from the 18th to 19th centuries. Many tourists take a tour of Skopje and ensure they see all the sights.

Other old town tourist attractions worth visiting include: the 15th century Daut Pasha baths, which now house an art gallery; Kursumli An and the Suli An caravanserais; Hjuncar Mosque; the Clock Tower; and the Mustapha Pasha and Isak-Bey mosques.

Transport Around Skopje

Getting to Skopje is a relatively simple affair, as the city has an international airport serving flights to various European cities. Trains arrive in Skopje from Serbia and Greece.