Bratislava Travel Guide

Bratislava Tourist Information

Bratislava is the capital of the Slovak Republic and as such, is the home of many important institutions such as universities, galleries and government buildings. Most of which are concentrated in the Old Town area and are built in the Rococo/Baroque style such as the Grassalkovich Palace, residence of the president.

The city sits on the banks of the Danube river, one of Europe's longest, close to the borders of its neighbours Switzerland and Hungary. Bratislava has a lot to offer tourists not just with beautiful old buildings but with large open spaces, forests and lakes. It is also a popular day trip destination for many tourists.

Bratislava Tourist Attractions

There are some excellent churches in the old town centre and enough Baroque palaces to keep the architecture and culture fiend happy. The greatest example is full of local history and cultural icon, the Bratislava Castle. The castle dominates in its positions keeping watch over the old town. Another stunning Bratislave tourist attraction is the Primates Palace a great example of classical design along with Michael's Gate, whcih is the last remaining remnant of the old city's fortification. The Slovak National Museum, the Bratislavia Muesum and the Slovak National Gallery are worth a visit before heading off to one of the many bars and restuarants to join the friendly people of Bratislava in one of the many outdoor areas.

Bratislava has been producing excellent wine for centuries. Wine is the drink of choice in Bratislava and the city is rightly proud of its long history of providing wine to its past royalty having kept its vineyards running through tough times, the wine is still available for all to enjoy and Bratslava still reaps the benefit of a thriving wine industry. Bratislava has a great choice of restuarants, many are located in charming old buildings with a choice of traditional Slovac and everything else from Chinese to French.

Transport Around Bratislava

It's never been easier to reach Bratislava, as many European airlines serve the Slovak capital on a regular basis. There are several flights to London, Paris and Rome daily and the airport is located a short drive northeast of the city centre. Regular train services run between other Eastern European countries, and more routes to the west are showing up every year.

One of the best ways to view all of the Bratislava tourist attractions is to hire a car which can easily be picked up at the airport.