Daytona Beach Holiday Guide

Daytona Beach Travel Information

A paradise for sun worshippers worldwide, Florida's Daytona Beach is where you can enjoy a relaxing holiday in the sun. In addition, Daytona Beach is also a world famous destination for racing. With beach babes, hunky racers and an abundance of seafood, what more could you ask for?

Before heading to the beach visit the Main Street Pier, a thriving hotbed of beachfront caf├ęs and home to the 180-foot tall Space Needle, the landmark at the pier. There are also plenty of opportunities for fishing here. Along the pier you will also find a wide range of restaurants and souvenir shops. Another no less busy beach area is Seabreeze boulevard, where you will also find a host of restaurants and shops.

Daytona Beach Tourist Attractions

If you have had enough sun and sea head to downtown Daytona's Beach street for some shopping. The street features all kinds of shops, galleries and boutiques. Big fans of flea markets should check out the famous Daytona Flea Market and Farmer's Market with its dizzying array of outdoor booths and stalls.

Apart from beaches and shopping, Daytona is just as famous for being a main car racing hub. The city is the proud home of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR), so there are numerous races held here every year such as the world famous Speedway's Daytona USA and the likes.

As a beach town, travellers will find a wide range of seafood restaurants serving all kinds of dishes including clams, crabs, shrimps, oysters, lobsters and mussels. If it's fast food you are looking for head toward Beach street, home to the renowned Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory. Daytona Beach is also very lively at night, featuring a variety of evening venues catering to all types of visitors including the college crowd, the more mature group or funky racers and bikers.