Denver Holiday Guide

Denver Travel Information

A centre for outdoor adventures filled with natural beauty, Denver is widely known as the Mile High City due to its lofty elevation. Tourists into architecture will also enjoy Denver as it is home to some of the most stunning Western and Victorian monuments, which are scattered around the city.

Although most tourists usually visit Denver for its fascinating Wild West attractions and easy access to the Rocky Mountains, the city has a handful of other attractions worth visiting. The Colorado History Museum offers a glimpse into Denver's history, starting back in the days when it was a mining camp up until its present-day status as a bustling, modern city. Life-sized displays of early forms of transportation are definitely worth a look.

Denver is also home to the remarkable Denver Art Museum, where art lovers can check out a selection of Western art works and sculptures. Those travelling with children should make a beeline to the Denver Zoo where rare and endangered animals such as Komodo dragons and okapi can be observed. Hop on a natural gas train and electric Safari Shuttle if you're tired of walking.

Denver Tourist Attractions

A bustling haven for nature fans, Denver is blessed with the majestic Rocky Mountains which are only a short drive away. Opportunities to engage in outdoor activities here are endless. Also, if time permits, make sure you visit some of the quaint Victorian mining towns located nearby to see what life was like during the gold rush period.

Denver also offers a wide range of evening options. It used to be a relatively dull city when the sun went down but today boasts a thriving clubbing scene. Choose from several sports bars, western saloons, martini bars, brewpubs as well as jazz clubs scattered around the city.