Minneapolis Holiday Guide

Minneapolis Travel Information

Situated in the American state of Minnesota, Minneapolis and Saint Paul are the two most populated cities in the state. The two cities are commonly referred to as the Twin Cities. A fierce rivalry between the two has existed since the early 1900s, with each trying to out do the other in absolutely everything, from sports to cathedrals, they they aren't even able to agree on daylight savings time. In the last half century the mutual antagonism has largely healed, due in part to the formation of many joint sporting teams.

The Twin Cities area has a lot to offer tourists on holiday in Minneapolis with cultural and outdoor activities to enjoy. The museum of Minneapolis has some great displays of art and American history. Numerous lakes and parks are littered throughout the area, which are great for a fun filled family day out. There are also many sporting events each week to watch, such as baseball, basketball or football.

Minneapolis Tourist Attractions

The cities have a vibrant nightlife scene, especially around the 'warehouse district' where you will find an array of trendy bars, clubs and discos. There are also many Irish, British and German pubs, which are fitted out with traditional d├ęcor; some feature live music to offer a lively atmosphere. The Twin Cities entertainment venues are not 24-hour establishments, with the majority of places closing before 2AM.

Transport Around Minneapolis

Getting to the Twin Cities is relatively easy with Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport located centrally to the area. Numerous flights arrive and depart to all corners of the country as well as some international destinations. Amtrak trains offer daily services from many major cities of America, as does the Greyhound bus company. Driving there is easy, with many interstate highways arriving from all directions.

With a relatively low crime rate in the majority of areas in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, they are considered safe. As with any large city there will always be incidents of petty theft and pick-pockets. It is advised to be alert and use common sense to avoid being the target of a robbery. For peace of mind whilst on holiday we strongly recommend that you purchase adequate travel insurance for you and your family before leaving home.