Colorado Springs Travel Guide

Colorado Springs Tourist information

An exciting playground for nature lovers, Colorado Springs is an ideal holiday destination for those after breathtaking natural wonders, pleasant weather and healing mineral springs. The fact that it's also a renowned health resort boasting wonderful surroundings also makes Colorado Springs a hotbed for famous celebrities and the crème de la crème of the country who want to wind down in luxurious surroundings.

Apart from the fascinating Wild West, Colorado Springs is home to a host of tourist attractions. There is the Western Museum of Mining and Industry where you can learn more about the history of the mining town of Cripple Creek while the ProRodeo Hall of Fame and American Cowboy Museum showcases the story of American cowboys. The Garden of the Gods, like the name suggests, is one of the most wonderful geological sites in the country. Enthusiastic hikers should also pack their boots as there are several hiking trails in the area.

Colorado Springs Tourist Attractions

However if you want to get a glimpse of what the mining industry is really like, a visit to the museum is probably not enough. Head to a group of nearby mining towns where you can observe the early days of gold mining. Adventuring tourists should also check out the Colorado Springs' section of the renowned Rocky Mountains, which features magnificent Pikes Peak. For health gurus, the neighbouring town of Manitou boasts healing mineral springs that can soothe aching bodies.

Even though Colorado Springs isn't a place where you can find mind-blowing nightlife, the city centre has a few clubbing venues worth checking out while Manitou Springs and Old Colorado City nearby feature some relaxing bars and cafés. In the daytime, travellers can engage themselves in all kinds of rip-roaring adventures like mountain biking, rafting and horseback riding.