Aspen Holiday Guide

Aspen Travel Information

Get your camera ready as Aspen is the place to be for celebrity spotting. A visit to this mountain resort might bring you face to face with Hollywood filmstars, who all frequent the town. Located in the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains, Aspen is one of the world's most famous ski resorts, while charming old buildings and a unique culture make it a fascinating place for tourists to visit.

Apart from wintersports such as skiing and snowboarding, Aspen is home to several tourist attractions. The remarkable Wheeler/Stallard House Museum is inside a beautiful Victorian brick house dating back to 1888 and offers interesting facts about the town's history. The museum displays events from today's Aspen's - a modern ski destination - dating back to the time when the Ute Indians roamed the area.

Aspen Tourist Attractions

Another worthwhile venue is the famous Aspen Art Museum where you can admire masterpieces from well-known contemporary American artists. There is an annual art exhibition that displays local talents a good opportunity to check out impressive works and mingle with local artists.

Sporty holidaymakers will find a plenty of things to do in Aspen. While skiing and snowboarding are probably the most popular activities amongst tourists, visitors can also try tobogganing or dog-sledding. Other holiday activities include kayaking, rock climbing, white-water rafting, fishing, mountain biking and horseback riding, which are all on offer all year round.

Tourists should take the time to explore the surrounding area of Aspen. One way to do so is to hire a motorcycle, which is a great way to explore Aspen and its scenic Rocky Mountain landscapes. The Roaring Fork River features guided white water rafting adventures and fishing opportunities while Glenwood Valley is where you can visit hot mineral springs.

Transport Around Aspen

Denver International Airport is the closest airport to Aspen and receives a number of flights from all over the world daily. From the airport, the Colorado Mountain Express will take you to Aspen. As Aspen is an ideal destination for the rich and the famous, pick-pocketing and snatch-and-runs are not uncommon. To reduce your risks always look after your belongings. Taking travel insurance before you head to Aspen is also strongly recommended, particularly if you're planning to engage in any outdoor activities.