Washington Holiday Guide

Washington Travel Information

Washington, DC - or the District of Columbia - is the capital city of the United States of America. The city was specifically designed to be the house of federal government in the country. With a host of beautiful architecture, green parklands, national monuments and some fantastic cultural centres, Washington, DC is an excellent place for tourists to visit on holiday.

The downtown area of Washington, DC is home to an array of famous monuments, memorials and government buildings including: The White House, the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the US Capitol Building and the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. All of these stunning sites are within walking distance from each other.

Washington Tourist Attractions

The downtown area is also home to great restaurants, excellent shops, historic hotels and interesting museums. Particularly noteworthy are the Holocaust Museum, the Air and Space Museum, the National Natural History Museum, the National Portrait Museum and the National Gallery of Art.

Washington is blessed with a host of beautiful parks. The Rock Creek Park is the largest with nearly 2,000 acres and is teeming with wild deer, rabbits, squirrels, racoons and birds. The park has paved trails that wind through the spectacular landscape and are perfect for cycling, walking or rollerblading.

Washington, DC hosts a variety of festivals and events throughout the year. The July 4th celebrations are particularly special in the nation's capital, with large parades and a massive firework display part of the festivities. During the springtime the National Cherry Blossom Festival is held and the city is full of colour and people, with many visitors at this time of year.

Transport Around Washington DC

There are three airports within close proximity to downtown Washington offering an array of flights from all over the country and many international cities. By train, Amtrak offers services from most major cities while Greyhound, Apex, Megabus, BoltBus and Goto Bus companies service routes to all corners of the country. By car Washington is served by the Interstate 95 that comes in from Baltimore.

The city of Washington was previously the murder capital of America but has fortunately lost that title. The city is relatively safe for tourists - especially during the day - but it is advised that you be extra vigilant during the night and keep to well-lit populated areas. When out and about only take what you need and keep all valuables in the hotel safe. We strongly recommend taking out travel insurance for you and your family before your holiday.