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Bonn Travel Guide

The former capital of West Germany, Bonn boasts a rich history, beautiful countryside, dramatic buildings, and medieval architecture that enthrall visitors. Bonn is famous for being the birthplace of Beethoven, and today its universities, concerts, and culture make it one of Germany's most vibrant cities.

The best way to experience many of Bonn's attractions is on foot. Start at the old town centre where medieval cobblestone streets and old-world architecture combine to create a charming atmosphere, and walk through the lively market square where fruit and vegetables are sold. The market is open daily and offers fresh produce like sausage, meat, and fish.

Southeast to the market square in the old town centre is one of Bonn's most iconic Baroque building, the Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall). Bonn's oldest restaurant, Em Höttche, is located right next to the Altes Rathaus. Here, the best cuisine in Bonn has been served for over 700 years, with the menu changing every 100 years.

Tourist Attractions Around Bonn

Also found in the old town centre is another of Bonn's popular attractions, Beethoven's home. Bonn is the birthplace of Germany's most well-known composer, and his house has been transformed into a museum exhibiting his personal effects and other memorabilia.

The streets of Sternstrasse and Remigiusstrasse offer retail shops, trendy restaurants, cafés and bars. From here, walk to Bonn's second town square, Münsterplatz, where the Romanesque Münster church dominates the landscape.

Other sites of interest include Bonn University and Hofgarten Park. The former was once the palace of the Prince-Elector of Cologne and the latter a spacious green space that is ideal for afternoon strolls in the summer.

Travel Around Bonn

Getting to Bonn is made easy with three international airports. From Cologne-Bonn Airport, which is located 12 miles north of the city centre, there is a local bus service which makes the 30-minute journey to the city. Düsseldorf International Airport, which is just over 40 miles farther north, offers a mainline rail service to Düsseldorf's Hauptbahnhof, where connecting rail services link Düsseldorf to Bonn. However, it is Frankfurt, with its numerous international daily flights and connecting rail services, that offers the most accessible route to Bonn.

Although Bonn is a relatively safe city, we strongly recommend you take out travel insurance before you travel. Travel insurance will allow you to rest easy should you need medical attention in Bonn. Knowing that your hospital bills will be covered by your insurer will take the stress out of any unforeseen mishaps.