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Frankfurt Travel Guide

Frankfurt may be one of Germany's busiest financial hubs, but it is also one of the country's most beautiful cities, where there is a perfect balance of old and new architecture creating a lively and vibrant cityscape.

The city's distinctive mix of modern and classic architecture offers the best of both worlds. The new town is home to skyscrapers, while the old town boasts cobblestone streets and churches. The atmosphere in the old city is more relaxed, and here you can stroll through the narrow streets at your own leisurely pace.

Frankfurt Tourist Attractions

One landmark of the old town centre is the Frankfurt Dom, or Frankfurt Cathedral. This historical building, which was the electoral site for the kings of the Holy Roman Empire, also houses a museum.

Other popular museums in the area include the Historisches Museum and the Goethemuseum. The Historisches Museum displays a comprehensive account of Frankfurt's development through the pre and post-war years, and is worth a visit to while away an afternoon.

Another must-see site in the old town centre is the city's municipal square, the Römer. The square is 500 years old and surrounded by grand Gothic buildings that will interest fans of this type of architecture.

During your trip, if you would like to buy and sample some local produce, you mustn't miss the Fussgängerzone of the Zeil. On offer here are many shops selling local cheeses, sausages, wines, breads, and cakes. The delis' selections are staggering and you will be spoilt for choice.

Travel Around Frankfurt

Seeing as Frankfurt's airport is Europe's second busiest airport, getting to Frankfurt is easy as there are numerous international and domestic flights connecting all major cities around the world. Getting to Frankfurt city centre from the airport is facilitated by a train station conveniently situated below Terminal 1. From here, you can connect to the InterCity train network and the S-Bahn tram system which will take you to the city centre.

In case of an accident or emergency, it is best to ensure you take out comprehensive travel insurance before travelling to Frankfurt. Travel insurance will guarantee you are reimbursed in the event you have to pay any expensive medical bills during your stay, giving you peace of mind.