Istanbul Tourist Information

Istanbul Travel Guide

Istanbul is situated in the northwest of Turkey it is the country's cultural and financial centre. Istanbul has a long and interesting history dating back to Roman times when it once served as the capital of the Roman Empire. Istanbul is filled with many historic buildings, museums and galleries coupled with a thriving nightlife.

Many world famous tourist attractions are situated in Istanbul such as the Topkapi Palace, the Grand Bazaar and Blue Mosque. The district of Sultanahmet is not only home to the Topkapi Palace but also littered with Ottoman mosques. The impressive Aya Sofya, also known as the 'Church of the Divine Wisdom,' is located nearby and is a magnificent display of Byzantine Empire architecture, with beautiful mosaics and a stunning dome.

A 30-minute ferry ride from the city and tourists can visit the Princes' Islands, which are great fun for a day trip. The islands have fantastic beaches and the only mode of transport there is horse-drawn phaeton - or your own two feet.

Istanbul Tourist Attractions

For night time entertainment head towards Istiklal street which is in the centre of town and home to many fine restaurants, trendy bars, clubs, alfresco café cinemas, theatres and boutique shopping. In the summertime the charming streets of Istanbul come alive with people and markets. for travellers who enjoy looking at beautiful architecture, Turkey is a great place to start with large areas of Istanbul looking incredibly beautiful; it’s Byzantine and Ottoman architecture features along side Genoese, Roman and a few Greek style buildings along with historic churches and synagogues. There are the Obelisks from the Hippodrome of Constantinople still visible in Sultanahmet Square along with remnants of the Walls of Constantinople, erected into the Byzantine period and the Column of Constantine from the Roman period during 330.

Transport Around Istanbul

Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport is located in Yesilkoy, which is not far from the city centre. Taking a taxi to the city is the easiest option; however, buses and trains leave from the airport regularly. Trains and buses arrive from most major European cities on a daily basis. It is also possible to travel by ferry to Istanbul from cities close by.