Zürich Holiday Guide

Zürich Travel Information

The capital of Switzerland, Zürich is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city that charms tourists with its 19th century Germanic architecture and wealth of rich culture. Positioned along the north shore of Lake Zürich, which is in the heart of the country, the city is laden with natural beauty and scenery.

The water's edge bounding the Limmat River and Lake Zürich is littered with beautiful quays, which are home to many great restaurants, bars and cafés Zürich's old town, Altstadt, has a quaint and charming atmosphere that is filled with stunning 16th and 17th century buildings and many green parks and public gardens. The 13th century St Peter's church is a national treasure, famous for its enormous clock face, which is the largest in all of Europe.

Zürich Tourist Attractions

Throughout the city there are many historical museums, art galleries and theatres such as Zurcher Opernhaus, which is one on Europe's most well-known opera houses. Situated along the Limmat is the Lindenhof of Zürich, which is where remains of a 2nd century Roman tombstone were discovered in 1742. The historical site is a significant part of Zürich's past and today is a popular tourist attraction.

Zürich has a very lively nightlife, with many clubs and bars playing a variety of music. The Niederdorf district near the old town is popular due to its trendy bars, lounges, hotels and restaurants. Zürich West in district five is another popular tourist area of town, featuring avant-garde cinemas, bars and other venues with live music. Every year in August Zürich hosts the 'Street Parade,' which is a large-scale techno party comparable to Berlin's 'Love Parade.'

Transport around Zürich

Zürich's Kloten Airport is situated just eight miles north of the city centre. The international airport is the largest in Switzerland and is host to daily flights arriving from all corners of the globe. With fantastic road and rail services, access to Zürich from any major European city is effortless.

Although Zürich is considered a very safe city, travellers are advised to take care as pick-pocketing and other theft related crimes do occur. In busy areas such as train stations be sure to keep your valuables safe. To avoid any unforeseen problems that may occur on your holiday, it is strongly recommended that you take out a travel insurance policy for yourself and family before departing.