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Lucerne Tourist Information

Picturesque Lucerne lies comfortably in the centre of Switzerland, surrounded by picture postcard views of stunning lakes, snow-capped mountains and romantic edelweiss meadows. Within Lucerne, narrow cobbled streets lead to pretty bridges, fountains and frescoed houses. The achingly beautiful city makes for an excellent base from which to discover the rest of the country.

Tourists will find that many of the city's most interesting attractions are situated in the centre. The Dying Lion monument is devoted to Swiss soldiers who fell victim during the French Revolution, and is carved out of local rock. On the north banks of the Reuss River is the old town, with several restored 15th century buildings. Their pretty painted facades are a draw to those in search of traditional village life.

Lucerne is home to nine towers, which were built between 1350 and 1408. Collectively they are called the Museggturme and visitors are allowed to climb three of them, which offer magnificent views of the city. The small yet impressive Picasso museum is an excellent attraction, while displays of Renaissance and medieval art can be found at the Historisches Museum Luzern. Built in the 1560s, the museum was originally built as an arsenal to house the city's weapons.

Lucerne Tourist Attractions

Lucerene offers a good choice of restaurants and bars, and on the riverbanks each week there is an outdoor market selling fresh fruit and vegetables. Between May and October, a huge flea market is held on both sides of Untere Burgerstrasse.

Vierwaldstättersee, otherwise known as Lake Lucerne, weaves into the mountain ranges in the centre of the country for 24 miles. Lake steamers, known as schiffahrtsgesellschaft vierwaldstäersee, travel over the lake's surface creating stunning views of a beautiful lake surrounded on either side by high mountains. Here visitors can enjoy water sports such as rowing boats, pedal boats, kayaks and windsurfing.

Nine miles south of Lucerne sits the majestic Mount Pilatus, which proudly looks out over the city. A popular attraction, the ascent to the top offers spectacular views which are much loved by the country's citizens. The slightly smaller Rigi also offers stunning views from its position just five miles from the city.

Although Switzerland is generally a safe country to travel in, it is always advisable to take out insurance.