Zaragoza Travel Guide

Zaragoza Tourist Information

Situated in the northern part of Spain is the beautiful city of Zaragoza. This charming city is blessed with an extensive assortment of gorgeous landscapes and interesting architecture, a top tourist destination.

The history of Zaragoza dates back 2,000 years, having been inhabited by the Romans, Iberians, Goths and Arabians, each of whom left evidence of their contribution to the region, as can be seen in the diverse architectural gems that are displayed throughout Zaragoza.

Zaragoza is one of the great monumental towns in Spain a great place for tourists to see. On the banks of the River Ebro prominently stands one of the most noteworthy attractions in Zaragoza, the Puente de Piedra ('the stone bridge'). The Italian, Basque and French inspired architecture has made this structure one of the greatest centres of the Marian cult in all of Spain.

Zaragoza Tourist Attractions

Other places of interest include the areas of the Paseo de la Independencia and the Plaza de Aragón. Here, travellers can visit the Basilica of Santa Engracia and the Paleontology Museum. Just a stone's throw away you can visit the museum that displays masterworks of Goya and other prominent artists. More of Goya's works can be seen on the ceiling at the magnificent Basilica de Nuestra Senora de Pilar.

A visit to the northern part of the city will lead travellers to spectacular medieval castles and monolithic Romanesque churches. The western region is home to a natural park and the Monastery of Veruela. To the south of Zaragoza you can find picturesque wine vineyards and the Museum of Engraving. Nearby is Daroca, one of the most important monumental sites in the region.

Shopping enthusiasts will find amazing shopping opportunities at the Central Market. This lively market is filled with trendy shops and boutiques, music venues and a choice of fine restaurants serving local cuisine such as chocolate-covered crystallised fruits as well as international gastronomy. This area also offers an impressive bull ring that plays host to some of the most important corridas in Spain.

The city is not only packed with impressive ancient buildings, Zaragoza also has some amazing examples of modernist architecture. The glitzy Mercantil Casino is one such example of modern magnificence in this thriving metropolis and is a must-see while visiting the city.

Visitors can find respite from all of the activities in the city at the tranquil Primo Rivera Park. Zaragoza also offers fantastic hiking and trekking opportunities for nature lovers, while cyclists will enjoy the beautiful and picturesque trails. Mountain climbing is also a popular sport in the city, as is diving and snorkelling.

While planning your holiday, especially if you like to participate in climbing and water sports, it is highly recommended that you obtain travel insurance prior to your visit to Zaragoza. With travel insurance, you can enjoy your holiday safe in the knowledge you will be covered in the event of an accident or emergency.